The Books

Five great stories by W. C. Hatounian are available now for download or order, Click the titles to read more.


By W. C. Hatounian
TankWitch is a fictional novel examining the events when a chosen group of men and a tank slip through a distortion in the fabric of the universe and become the instrument of rescue for young village girls in a life-threatening gamble... Read More...


By W. C. Hatounian
TOLTANICA is a love story filled with many conflicts of civilizations and how two people go about overcoming such adversity and at the same time falling in love, finding each other again and living happily ever after. Read More...

The Shanghai Extortion

By W. C. Hatounian
The Shanghai Extortion is a fictional story about a young army officer’s atonement for his social indiscretions, the inadvertent involvement into a criminal investigation that threatens American national security, and the complexities of life and love in a far off land. Read More...

Casual Connection

By W. C. Hatounian
CAUSAL CONNECTION follows a routine, if somewhat bizarre, death investigation that grows into a case filled with complexities and exposes corruption at the highest levels of local governments. It forces Milo and his team to draw on every bit of experience and talent they possess to bring all those responsible to justice. Read More...

The Afghan Deception

By W. C. Hatounian
This historical fiction novel that examines the world as it truly was between the spring and fall of 1879, and the relationship between two colonels of cavalry whose actions could forever alter the fate of the British Empire. Read More...