“You live in a medieval castle. You hear a rumble; you look out your window and see a tank aiming its main gun at your front door. Apparently you really pissed someone off. Why?” ― TankWitch
“You're an American Archeologist. You wake up in a tenth century Toltec city. You fall in love with a princess. Chaos sends you back home to your own time, but the princess sneaks back with you, now what do you do?” ― Toltanica
“In 1879 you take an American cavalry regiment to colonial India. You’re ordered not to get involved. You find yourself between two armies about to clash in front of you, do you stand and fight or run.” ― The Afghan Deception
“ You’re a detective. Three women are dead and you still don’t have a clue, until a desperate woman comes forth with an eye opener that changes the dynamics of your case.” ― Causal Connection
“In 1897 you’re sent to Shanghai. You discover a crime ring conspiring to violently rid China of occidentals. The final solution is already in motion, and your running out of time trying to uncover the scheme.” ― The Shanghai Extortion
“The Turkish government has decided to you’re no longer welcome to live here, your only choice is to die in place or hit the road before they make up your mind for you. You need to figure out where to go, and soon.” ― HH